Let’s Go Eagles!

St. Peter’s Boys Athletics is vital in reaching the greater school mission of seeking to nurture a mature young man who achieves his fullest potential, reflects Christian values in his daily life throughout the community, and recognizes his civic responsibilities as a member of the larger world community.

Athletics is the tool in which we develop these boys into young men. It teaches life lessons that will prove invaluable in the boy’s future. In staying true to the Lasallian principles of educating the mind, body, and spirit, athletics play a critical role in molding well-rounded young men who are prepared for college and the world that lies beyond.

At St. Peter’s Boys, we know how influential athletics can be in a young man’s development, as well as the lasting impact it can have on his personal and professional life. We believe that the vigorous demands of athletic competition, and all adversities that come with it, will challenge our student-athletes to give their very best, forging strength of character and providing them with the tools that will lead them to succeed throughout their lives beyond sports

 School Letter

The School Letter is our student award for participation in a sport, club, or service group. Students must show regular attendance, participation, and significant contribution over two or more years to be awarded a letter. Students disqualified for academic, behavioral, or attendance issues are not eligible for this award. Letters may be worn, affixed to the senior sweater. Letter requirements for athletics are as follows:

  • Freshman – 1-year participation
  • Junior Varsity – 2 years participation and/or JV caliber performance
  • Varsity – 3 years participation and/or Varsity caliber performance

Value Infusion at St. Peter’s

St. Peter's Athletics Core Values
  1. Faith
  2. Brotherhood
  3. Commitment
  4. Integrity
Our Fight Song

Here’s to the Eagles, onward forever
High flying spirit, pull it together.

Men of Peter’s, we call for you
Cheer us on to victory for the Gold and the Blue.

Shout it all over and raise up your hands
Give out our power and ring out our stands.

We’ll never stop until we’re right on top
Until the Eagles are flying again.