Here’s to the Eagles, Onward Forever!

Whether you attended St. Peter’s Boys High School a year ago or a decade ago, every one of our alumni is a treasured part of our school’s family.

We have had the pleasure of teaching and developing alumni who have gone on to do incredible things in science, the church, business and beyond. We are confident that as long as our doors remain open, we will continue to welcome students whose ambitions continue to fall-in-line with those who have come before them.

 Alumni Newsletter

We strive to stay connected to our alumni through events such as our centennial celebration and through our regular newsletters.

If you haven’t heard from us in a while, be sure to sign up for our alumni newsletter or feel free to stop by the campus to catch up with your favorite faculty and staff. Our doors are always open for our Eagle alumni!

Director Alumni Affairs: Jack Muraca
Phone Number: (718) 447-1676 ext. 228
Fax Number: (718) 447-4027

“St. Peter’s provided me a foundation of discipline, hard work, and camaraderie that I was able to build my professional and personal success on.”