Ambitious Student

Hailing from the Bronx of New York, Shakim first learned about St. Peter’s Boys High School from his Pee Wee football coach. He received a scholarship his freshman year, and for the first nine months, Shakim commuted the two and a half hours from the Bronx to Staten Island every day.

Shakim now lives with his Pee Wee football coach in Staten Island and is in his senior year at St. Peter’s. He plays tight end and defensive end for St. Peter’s varsity football team. Shakim has caught the eye of several colleges and currently has his sights set on Annapolis, where he plans on attending on a football scholarship.

When asked what stood out to him about St. Peter’s, Shakim’s answer was threefold. He said, “We’re good at almost every sport, the teachers are actually there to help you and the friends you make are lifelong friends.”

“Not only do the students like it here, but the parents like it, too. Here at St. Peter’s, everyone is helping set you up for real life.”


-Shakim Douglas, ’17