An Urgent Appeal

St. Peter’s Boys High School started our #EaglesEndure appeal as a way to showcase the strength, compassion and resiliency of our St. Peter’s family. 

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#EaglesEndure began on April 6, 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our student body took to social media using the hashtag to show the world how they were stepping up in four ways.

  1. Staying smart
  2. Staying active
  3. Staying kind and
  4. Staying faithful

To say the response was a hit is an understatement. Our Eagles showed up in a big way. We have seen that Eagles truly do endure and #EaglesEndure is a rallying cry for all St. Peter’s Eagles around the world. We are showing how we step up in times of need and how our faith drives all that we do.

Now, we turn to our alumni and friends for the second part of our #EaglesEndure appeal.

We’re all facing a challenge, unlike anything in our lifetime. With unemployment continuing to grow, many families will be unable to cover the remaining tuition for this school year and the beginning of our next school year.

These families need our support to continue receiving the quality Catholic education they desire to provide for their sons. St. Peter’s has always offered scholarships for families with financial need. This need will be greater than ever before. Your support of #EaglesEndure will allow us to help our students during these unprecedented times, reminding them they are not alone and that the entire St. Peter’s family stands behind them.

The pillars of the second phase of our #EaglesEndure appeal are:

  1. Stay supportive
  2. Stay involved
  3. Stay connected and
  4. Stay tuned for additional ways to help our Eagles soar!

One thing is certain during these uncertain times. Together, we are stronger and will endure all that life presents to us. We invite all of our alumni and friends to share with us how you are enduring these challenging times. Email us at communications@stpetersboyshs.org. We would love to hear from you.

Stay supportive

Ways you can help during our urgent appeal.

  • Pray for our fellow St. Peter’s families in need. ?
  • Become a monthly #EaglesEndure subscriber with a recurring monthly pledge to help offset the cost of tuition for our students in need. This is the most important way to express your generosity and a convenient way to support our school community.
  • Make a one-time gift to the #EaglesEndure appeal in honor of a student in need. If you know a particular family in need, let us know and we will make sure your gift goes to that family.
  • Share this page with others on social media and show your support by using the hashtag #EaglesEndure.

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