Christian Brothers

 The foundation of our school, forever intact

Founded by Jean-Baptiste de La Salle between 1651 and 1719, the order of the Christian Brothers operate within 560 educational institutes around the world and provide a human and Christian education to more than 900,000 students in more than 80 countries.

St. Peter’s Boys High School was founded in 1917 with the arrival of three Christian Brothers. Today, we have four Brothers on campus.

  • Brother Dominic Gisondo
  • Brother Louis Jaeger
  • Brother John McAndrews
  • Brother Stephen Caplice

 Brother Dominic Gisondo

Brother Dominic became a Christian Brother in 1951 and has been a part of St. Peter’s for 14 years. He is a Spanish tutor, assistant coach and moderator for the tennis team, senior vice president, director and treasurer of the Brother’s community, and prayer leader for St. Peter’s football teams.

 Brother Louis Jaeger

Brother Louis became a Christian Brother in 1955 and has been a part of St. Peter’s for six years. He currently serves as the drama moderator.

 Brother John McAndrews

Brother John has been a part of St. Peter’s Boys High School for more than 50 years. He served as a Latin teacher between 1961 and 1968 and went on to serve as a Latin and English teacher between 1988 and 2017.

 Brother Stephen Caplice

Brother Stephen has been teaching since 1960. He has served at various schools across the Northeast and New York-area as well as schools in Guatemala and Ethiopia. At St. Peter’s Boys High School he serves as a tutor and assistant to the campus minister.

Our school is indebted to the Christian Brothers, whose guidance and perseverance over the years has allowed St. Peter’s to provide quality education to the Staten Island community for the past 100 years.

Our Christian Brother Principals Through the Years

1917-1918 – Brother Conrad Ernest Hoffman

1918-1920 – Brother Bardomian John Fahey

1931-1934 – Brother Eliphus Victor Sullivan

1934-1939 – Brother Conall Andrew Lennon

1940-1943 – Brother Amedy Bernard Conway

1943-1946 – Brother Clement Faber Quelet

1946-1948 – Brother Anastasius Benedict Ayres

1948-1953 – Brother Albinus John Donovan

1953-1959 – Brother Basilian Richard O’Connor

1959-1965 – Brother Augustine Cyril Crawford

1965-1968 – Brother Arthur Philip Braniff

1968-1972 – Brother Thomas McNamara

1972-1978 – Brother Robert Carnaghi

1978-1984 – Brother Dominic Jordan

1984-1987 – Brother Stephen McCabe

1987-1989 – Brother James Kelly

1989-June 2017 – Mr. John Fodera*

July 2017 – Present – Mr. Michael Cosentino*

*In 1989, Mr. John Fodera was the first non-Christian Brother principal at St. Peter’s Boys High School. Following in the footsteps of the principals before them, both he and our current principal, Mr. Michael Cosentino, continued to uphold the strong Christian values our school was built upon.