From the arts to technology to volunteer opportunities, St. Peter’s strives to ensure every student has the opportunity to further explore their interests and take steps toward becoming a well-rounded individual.

Students come to St. Peter’s Boys High School for the education — and they stay for the community. Our close-knit St. Peter’s family is comprised of passionate staff, supportive families and extraordinary students, all dedicated to the pursuit of achieving and preserving a high-quality Catholic education. Every day on our campus is an adventure and every minute presents a new opportunity for our students to grow in education, faith and life. With the continued support of incredible individuals like you, we are confident we will continue to cultivate a thriving community that can be enjoyed for generations to come.



Students participating in the school band meet each morning to elevate their abilities as well as grow their repertoire of tunes. Our goal is to cultivate and develop musicians of all levels while preparing them for real-world performance settings. Directed by Mr. Anthony Gonzalez ‘07, the band performs at sports events, assemblies, concerts and more.

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Campus Ministry

St. Peter’s Boys High School is a ministry of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the reason and center of our school. Therefore, we endeavor to enliven faith through prayer, sacrament and worship.

Administration, faculty, and students celebrate the Liturgical Year through daily prayer and weekly and seasonal school-wide Masses and prayer services. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on designated Fridays twice a month, as well as during the preparatory seasons of Advent and Lent. Preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation is available as needed.

St. Peter’s offers a four-year retreat program and students act as peer ministers through their service as Sacristans, Altar Servers, Lectors and Retreat Leaders. St. Peter’s strives to develop young men of faith and zeal who, through communal charity and compassionate service, give witness to the holy presence of God.

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The game of Chess has a history that spans 1,500 years, springing from a predecessor in the 6th century. This challenging game develops all aspects of critical thinking: knowledge, comprehension, analysis and evaluation. The player develops foresight, visualization skills, problem solving and concentration, all while having fun. St. Peter’s Chess Club meets weekly after school and welcomes learners and players of every skill level for friendly competition.

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St. Peter’s drama program was started in 1964 by Carl William Lesch. We were the first school to ever produce a full-length musical production on Staten Island. Flash forward to today and St. Peter’s drama program continues to teach, inspire and mold performers for the future.

Under the direction of Andrew Montelione, a graduate of Professional Performing Arts school, the drama program has produced shows such as “Les Miserables,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Jekyll and Hyde,” and “Shrek: The Musical,” among others. In the past few years, alumni have attended some of the most prestigious college musical theatre programs including Point Park University, American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and Wagner College.

Auditions for the drama program begin in October, with rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. During this time, students learn acting techniques, receive vocal lessons, work on song interpretation and practice choreography. The drama program also offers college audition preparation for juniors and seniors.

Annual production takes place in May. In June, performers have the opportunity to be a part of the Minty Awards, an annual awards show for the seven Catholic high school theatre programs. The Minty Awards give the students an opportunity to work with other schools and perform on stage at the historic St. George Theatre, along with other programs throughout the year. Over the years, St. Peter’s has won 17 Minty Awards, including Outstanding Musical in 2012 with “Les Miserables” and in 2014 with “Jekyll and Hyde.”

The drama program also includes an award-winning stage crew for students who are interested in working behind the scenes. From building and painting set pieces to moving the set during the show or working the lights, the stage crew gives students the opportunity to get involved in the show without stepping on stage. The drama program strives to teach students carpentry, painting, lighting design and other tasks in a safe environment. The stage crew begins in April and work after school to transform the gym into a theatre.

For more information on the drama program, contact Mr. Montelione at


The Interact Club is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people. The club gives members the opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects. Members develop their leadership skills and integrity. Members demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others. Our club is sponsored by Mid-Island Rotary and has been part of the school since 2004-2005.

The club is very active helping the Staten Island community by assisting with food drives and clothing drives, supporting The American Cancer Society with Making Strides and Relay for Life campaigns. In October the club participates in the JDRF Walk, and Making Strides against Breast Cancer. In December members take the plunge in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. With the help of the Mid-Island Rotary club, the members go into NYC in January/February to help feed and clothe the homeless on the streets. In the spring the club holds its Annual International Night, which helps fund the club’s Brandon O’Connor Memorial Scholarship in honor of a student who passed away. The scholarship is awarded to a current member of the graduating class who exhibits outstanding academics, sportsmanship, character and commitment to St Peter’s. The 2016-2017 winner was Jack Shashaty.

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Italian Heritage

For more information, contact Mr. Frank Cafaro at

Lasallian Youth Group

Rooted in the good news of Jesus Christ and guided by the Spirit of St. John Baptist de LaSalle the Lasallian youth group is a formation program empowering students to be examples of faith, service and community. The main goal of the group is to take the gospel and put it into action.

The Lasallian Cross is awarded to seniors who have been an active member for four years, meets the required community service obligation, attends the scheduled Mass and is an active member within the community by participating in special projects such as teaching CCD, helping in hospital or nursing home, working in food pantries, snow shoveling for senior citizens and helping with the school’s annual Midnight Run.

Meetings are held once a month and are announced in the daily bulletin. All members must attend monthly meetings and are strongly encouraged to attend the scheduled Mass for the club.

Major projects by the group include first Friday food drives, Thanksgiving food drive, various clothing drives for the homeless, school-wide toy drive, snow shoveling for senior citizens, Midnight Run feeding and clothing the homeless.

For more information, contact Mr. John Mancuso at


The Library Club is a school service club where members are given the opportunity to help with the day-to-day running of the library. Members are assigned duties such as distribution and collection of lunch period passes, cleaning the library after school, helping to put books back on shelves and maintain magazines as well as regular maintenance. Members also help with the set-up of smartboards, computers and projectors for teachers. Members can then use these skills to enter the job market with NYPL and/or work-study program at a college.

For more information, contact Mrs. Pat Calchi at

Literary Art Magazine

The Literary Art Club at St. Peter’s Boys High School is an after-school creative arts workshop where students gather together and share their unique talents. An empowering dynamic among diverse peers, the Literary Art Club embraces each student’s individuality as expressed courageously through his personal and creative writing and illustrations. Students work together efficiently and effectively on deadline to write, edit, and illustrate their own work and the various contributions from the student body. Club members actively and collaboratively create topics of interest on a consistent basis throughout the school year and include subject matters that are relative to life as we know it. Each student submission is a depiction of art – emotional, inspiring, and true. It is a home to many at St. Peter’s where imaginations are boundless.

Eagles on the Fly is the literary art magazine produced by the Literary Art Club. Spear-headed by a moderator or administrator, it has an editorial staff which includes, but is not limited to, an assigned editor-in-chief, assistant editor-in-chief, senior art director, and cover artist. Our young leaders work very hard to make this publication a success through endless determination, dedication, and teamwork. Each page is another chance at getting to learn more about themselves and each other – another chance at exploring the talents God has bestowed upon each student individually, and most importantly, another chance at letting each and every one of them shine!


Students in the multimedia homeroom are tasked with participating and learning in various technological fields that include but are not limited to reporters, broadcast news analysts, writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, camera operators, video editors and other similarly related topics that help the student prevail and form a base for future job opportunities.

Every morning students meet in the chemistry lab to take part in daily group and individual work that contributes to the integrity of the club. Our moderators that proctor and support our work include Mr.DiSalvo from the English department and Mr.Barbarino from the Science department.

Contact information: Mr.Disalvo – or Mr.Barbarino –

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is the leader among organizations that promote recognition of students who reflect our outstanding accomplishments in scholarship, character, leadership and service. This organization sponsors thousands of chapters across the nation and St. Peter’s is proud to be a chartered member.

Membership in the society begins with the application process wherein the student supplies documentation of academic achievement, extracurricular activities and a record of service that demonstrates the willingness to use his talents and skills for the improvement of our school and the community to assume all of the responsibilities associated with membership.

Our students serve as administrative office assistants and as hosts and guides at Open House and all major school events. The members of the society assist our student body as peer tutors and also serve as teaching assistants for after-school programs at neighboring parochial schools. Society members also serve at St. Peter’s Church and sponsor various drives during the year that have offered material and monetary resources for Good Counsel Home for mothers and children located in Rosebank and sponsored a student at St. Mary’s School, Kenya — these are just a few of the society’s endeavors.

Membership is open to qualified Juniors and Seniors. Applications are submitted during the third quarter of 10th and 11th grades for admissions review. Our induction ceremony is held in May. The National Honors Society meets weekly on Wednesday mornings at 7:50 a.m. in Room 202.

For more information, contact Dr. Regina Colvin at


The Eagle, the official newspaper of St. Peter’s Boys High School, is where budding writers publish articles about school, school sports, professional sports, politics, technology, pop culture, science, religion, and many other topics. The Eagle is also where student photographers can showcase their photographs.

Students interested in writing or taking pictures for The Eagle can speak to The Eagle moderator, Mr. Bonamo. Mr. Bonamo gives students a deadline and then students email him their articles. There are no regular meetings.

For more information, contact Mrs. Roberta Stanley at, or stop by Room 402.


The mission of the Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for the interested photography student to share his creativity, knowledge and passion for photography while attending St. Peter’s Boys High School.

The club will hold regular meetings and discussions and organize events such as photo-walks, field trips, maybe some lectures and workshops at the Alice Austen House. The students will also explore the possible opportunities for photography.

Students will work collaboratively on photography projects with other department clubs, organize peer-to-peer portfolios and explore the possibility of on- and off-campus reviews displaying student work.

Student Council

The Student Council at St. Peter’s Boys High School is comprised of a group of students elected by peers to participate in designated areas of school government. Four executive representatives for the student body – namely the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer – fulfill all responsibilities as dictated by each position in an efficient and effective manner, and must act in accordance with our Lasallian mission. Any student is welcomed to apply for active membership and, if selected, will be required to attend and participate in all Student Council meetings and events. Students are encouraged to exhibit, at all times, St. Peter’s leadership roles in our community that emphasize Eagle strength and pride: faith, service, and integrity.

Involvement in Student Council has been proven to be beneficial on both academic and social levels. Generally, members participate in the planning of school events that include, but are not limited to dances, sports tournaments, and pep rallies. They also assist administration with events for the local community such as blood drives and donation collections. The Student Council works closely with the district’s school board, school administration, parent organizations, student body, and the local community to decide on and approves projects and initiatives for the school, students, and community, with continuous dedication to helping those in need nation- and worldwide.

Student Council members bring forth ideas, requests, and feedback to the meetings. Students have a voice and are, undoubtedly, heard through a democratic process as they create and build a yearlong calendar of events driven by their dynamic and vibrant school spirit. Students who participate in our Student Council, under the supervision of a teacher and/or administrator, learn about the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork…but more importantly, what it means to be a true Lasallian at heart!

Video Game Design and STEM Club

The St. Peter’s Video Game Design Club, or VGDC for short, is a basic introduction to designing video games. The entire club is centered on making our own short Roleplaying Game, or RPG.

RPG Maker VX Ace lite is developed by KADOKAWA, which is known for making other engines of the same nature. You don’t need any programming knowledge to understand and work with RPG Maker VX Ace lite. You can either develop your game along or with a friend.

The club is free to join and is scheduled to meet once every week on St. Peter’s campus. It is the perfect opportunity for those who enjoy playing video games and have a desire to create their own video games. It is a fun environment where your only limit is your own imagination!

For more information, contact moderator Brian Collins at


St. Peter’s yearbook is an artistic and literary work published specifically to memorialize a year in the history of the Eagle family. Yearbook staff members participate in various aspects of production, including writing, photography, layout and desktop publishing. Membership on the yearbook staff is open to all divisions.

For more information, contact Mrs. Pat Calchi.


For more information, contact Mr Rob Colt

School Letter

The School Letter is our student award for participation in a sport, club, or service group. Students must show regular attendance, participation, and significant contribution over two or more years to be awarded a Letter. Students disqualified for academic, behavioral, or attendance issues are not eligible for this award. Letters may be worn, affixed to the senior sweater. Letter requirements for athletics are as follows:

  • Freshman  – 1-year participation
  • Junior Varsity  – 2 years participation and/or JV caliber performance
  • Varsity  – 3 years participation and/or Varsity caliber performance