Students come to St. Peter’s Boys High School for the education — and they stay for the community. Our close-knit St. Peter’s family is comprised of passionate staff, supportive families and extraordinary students, all dedicated to the pursuit of achieving and preserving a high-quality Catholic education.

Every day on our campus is an adventure and every minute presents a new opportunity for our students to grow in education, faith and life. With the continued support of incredible individuals like you, we are confident we will continue to cultivate a thriving community that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

 Community Service

At St. Peter’s Boys High School, we encourage our students to be active participants in the community.

Which is why we require our students to complete 7 points of community service every marking period. All community service opportunities must be submitted to the library prior to 8 a.m. Outside services (such as altar serving, church fairs) are worth 5 points. Students must check with Mrs. Calchi or Mr. Castellano prior to doing the service. There are also openings at the Assumption St. Peter St. Paul soup kitchen every Sunday. Students can sign up with Mrs. Calchi to reserve a spot at the soup kitchen, which is worth 5 points.

 Parents’ Club

The purpose of the Parents’ Club is to maintain contact with the school through meetings, socials and school services. The Parents’ Club strives not only to be a fundraising organization, but also to provide service to the school. If all parents would volunteer to work once during the year and some parents worked a little more often, the school would be well served.